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For more than 60 years, ARDEX has been the quality leader for the tiling industry. ARDEX specialises in high quality construction materials for substrate preparation, floor levelling, waterproofing and the fixing and grouting of tiles.

When it comes to floor levelling and adhesives, waterproofing membranes and decorative finishes, ARDEX is the brand of choice for installers and wholesalers.

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Since it was founded in 1949, ARDEX has been known all over the globe as an innovation leader for specialist building products. As the inventors of self-levelling and smoothing compounds, ARDEX has a history of breakthrough innovations, that have driven and changed the market.

The heart of ARDEX product development is the central laboratory in Witten, Germany. The lab partners with centres of excellence around the world to ensure the consistent quality of the products and maximum responsiveness to local market needs.


ARDEX is committed to developing products that are easy to use and offer high performance. Each product is the careful result of research and development combined with the input of contractors and installers to ensure absolute product compatibility.

On-site product testing is an integral part of that process.

ARDEX products, systems and services are designed to ensure professional contractors the competitive advantage of a lower total cost of installation through superior performance.

As a longstanding partner to trade, we know the practical requirements first-hand. Our vast experience with materials and working methods and our constant dialogue with customers in the skilled trades are our most important source of inspiration. We draw on this to develop product systems that command respect in the market place. Our systems are optimally matched and extremely cost-effective thanks to their ease and speed of processing and high coverage.


The major point of difference between a SystemARDEX warranty and other warranties is the extent of the cover provided for the owner or builder. Most competitor product warranties cover only the replacement of the defective product. That is further reduced through a discounting structure based on years of service prior to the claim. And usually, no cover is provided for the costs incurred in removing the defective product and installing the replacement product.

A SystemARDEX warranty covers:

  • The costs of repair to which the product is applied and damaged by removal of the defective product where such proves necessary.
  • The cost of reinstating or repairing the product or system including material costs of equal or equivalent products.
  • The costs of rectifying any material covering the product.

ARDEX warranty claims are NOT discounted by years of service of defective products or any damage to the surface or material.

The SystemARDEX Warranty is project specific and warrants that the System ARDEX combination of products that forms the total system are free from defects, are 100% compatible and the system combination is suitable for the purpose intended.


Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our time. Climate change and the global financial crisis have driven home the consequences of short-term goal action. Sustainable operations shape the future through environmental protection and sparing use of economic resources.

Long before it became a buzzword, the concept of sustainability was already an integral part of the ARDEX corporate philosophy.

  • High-coverage ARDEX products let you take care of large surface areas with a minimum of material, which cuts down on processing, transport and waste packaging.
  • Reduce back-and-forth travel to the building site with ARDEX products providing fast, easy installation.
  • ARDEX products are engineered for a long life, meaning less wastage and more saved resources.
  • ARDEX’s remedial and repair products are great for refurbishments - eliminating the need for a demolition and new build using up more resources.