FAQ's about tiles and tiling | Tile Direct Nelson

Are tiles low maintenance?

Tiles are easily cleaned with specialist cleaners available at our Tile Direct store.

Can tiles be used in wet areas?

Tiles are perfect for wet areas as they are not affected by water and are perfect over waterproofing membrane.

I am worried about my flooring fading in the sun, do tiles change in appearance?

The colour of tiles does not change in the sunlight unlike carpet and vinyl and timber flooring. Tiles also don’t scratch like other flooring types.

My child has asthma, will tiles be of benefit?

Tiles are not affected by dust, mould or bacteria and are ideal in this situation.

I have 2 boxes of tiles left over, can I return these?

That’s a good thing as you need to keep them for spares and BRANZ recommend keeping 10% for this reason. We do not take back tiles which we have ordered in specially for a customer.

Are tiles environmentally friendly?

The lifespan of tiles is much longer than carpet, vinyl or wooden floors and they should never wear out.

Do you have tiles in stock?

Yes, Tile Direct Nelson have some ranges in stock. However to get the full benefit of our tile range, you need to allow a week so we can source these from our warehouse as we have hundreds of tiles to choose from.

Does Tile Direct install tiles?

We work closely with Nelson’s top tilers and we can put you in touch with a sutible person who will lay your tiles for you. We can assist with the selection of grout colours, trim and layout patterns or any other issues you may have.